Thursday, August 31, 2006


Top 10 pot studies government wished it had never funded

The war on drugs is just plain ridiculous,

check this out:

Monday, August 28, 2006


A look back at leary and the psychadellic movement

Take a look at this essay I got published on Associated Content. Wrote this essay in high school for my post war class.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Man harrassed for wearing a shirt with arabic script

This guy here:

Tells his story of how he went to the airport with a t-shirt that said "we will not be silent" in both arabic and english. He is harrased about it, they say he is not allowed to wear a shirt with arabic on it.

This guy here:

in reaction has created this t-shirt which says " I am not a terrorist", plans to wear it everytime he goes to the airport.

How far must they encroach on our ciivl liberties before the majority of people finally speak out?

Friday, August 25, 2006


America's Drunkest Cities

"Milwaukee has long had a reputation as a city built on beer, so it may come as no surprise to some that Milwaukee is ranked by a Forbes survery as the drunkest city in America. The other of the top five were Minneapolis-St. Paul, Columbus, Ohio; Boston; and Austin, Texas. Except for Austin, it seems like cold weather encourages drinking."

Denver/Boulder is number 15

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Monday, August 21, 2006


Media has some serious problems picking what is actually "News"

Aren't you just glad that the media knows how to focus on what is important?

Gotten from here

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Man's first hand account of being labeled a "terrorist"

User "hopeseekr" posts the following story on reddit in the comments section of this story:

"Honest to god: My friend stole my car while I was on vacation (she had keys to my apartment and I had left my spare set in there). I come back a week later and am promptly arrested. What for? They won't say. I go, "O boy, am I going to sue you big!" So I play it cool. I spend 4 days in a "processing" cell, 15x15 foot with 40 - 60 other guys at various times (we were all in there for four days, rotating in and out).

3 1/2 weeks later I am mysteriously transferred to another state. Still no idea why I'm being charged, but my parents got visitation rights in this state. My lawyer could not figure out what the charges were. No one was telling what I was charged with.

That day, I am shepperded into the janitor closet beside the interrogation room. There I am plunged into pitch blackness for what seemed like 2 hours (time si relative, you know?). These two guys come in...just enough room for my folded chair and these guys standing up. They shine a bright light in my face. First question out of the one guy's mouth: "Where did you put the body?" Huh? What body? Who's body?! It was then that my parents discovered that my car had been stolen by my friend. Just because her finger prints were all over my house, they were secretly accusing me of murder.

So, I incredulously asked these guys if I could please speak to my attorney, that I would not answer any questions until I did so. One of them punched me in the face. The other said, "Listen, you have no rights. You are detained under the jurisdiction of the PATRIOT Act."


"That's right. That neighborhood was terrorized by that woman's disappearance. It's all we need."

The next day, the woman showed up ... in my car ... in yet another state on the opposite side of the country; she was promptly arrested. My parents approached the governor of that state with all this two days later and I was released the following day. Of course, the government fined me ... the crazy thing was, it was to the exact dollar that I had in the bank, several figures. O, and I had to sign away my right to sue virtually any branch of government imaginable.

When you're labeled a terrorist, it doens't matter if you are innocent or guilty, or even if you have committed any crime at all. It is impossible to prove your innocence because you have not been charged with any thing! And because you have not been charged, you have no rights to attorney, etc; they just let you have them if they feel like it. Any one can be labeled a terrorist; all it takes is an over-zealous cop with a friend in a district court. You really should be afraid."

I don't know how anyone can be a supporter of the governments right to detain anyone (much less American citizens!) for as long as they want WITHOUT A CHARGE. Our rights are eroding by the day.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Minor Arrested for displaying a "fuck bush" sign

Last I checked "freedom of speech" did not mean that you could be arrested for saying "fuck"

I hope both of these officers are fired and sued by the person arrested.


Robot Chicken...Terrorism!

One of my favorite Robot Chicken pieces.... 49 stars on the flag1?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Friday, August 18, 2006


Putting the Iraq War on Trial,8599,1228779,00.html

"An Army officer who refused duty in Iraq goes to court with a novel argument: he had a duty to disobey because the war is illegal"

For obvious reasons I don't think this will work. However it is a nobel cause none the less... if a soldier believes that he is being forced to violate the nueremburg laws he should have the right to argue his case here. He will almost assuredly lose this, but will be interesting to follow anyway.

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Is the consumer culture a good thing?

This is an essay that I wrote for a High School class. I decided to submit it to associatedpress just for the hell of it.... they gave me 4 dollars for it....hahahahah. Go check it out if your bored.

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God would be an atheist

""Drawing on a wide range of studies to cross-match faith – measured by belief in God and acceptance of evolution – with homicide and sexual behavior, Paul found that secular societies have lower rates of violence and teenage pregnancy than societies where many people profess belief in God.""

Very intereseting study here. Makes you wonder what organized religion is really even good for? I am not sure why but it really does not surprise me much that the less religious a soceity is, the less violence they have. Then again the purpose of organized religion has always been control... not something all that new, interesting to see in a scientific study none the less.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The 62% Violent Pac-Man. It's Simply Mind Numbingly Stupid.

"The U.S. Senate recently heard testimony on violent video games from Dr. Thompson, a Harvard researcher that claims PacMan is 62% violent, and that saying "push it to the limit" is sexual. Her research is amazingly out-of-touch with reality. Some of the other games: Mario (41.3%), Zelda (68.4%). Why do people keep listening to this kind of crap?"

It's amazing to me that anyone could find Pac-Man even remotely violent... much less 62% violent!

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Marijuana, LSD, and Ecstacy are all safer than Alcohol and Cigarettes

"That's the conclusion of a new report in Britain that seeks to rank the actual physical and social harms of 20 recreational drugs. The report was commissioned by the UK's House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee. According to"

I'm amazed there are people still out there who think marijuana is worse than Alcohol. It really is time for the government to stop their war on psychadellic drugs and at the very least start decriminalizing them.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


A couple of cool business related articles

Here are a few cool business related articles I ran across today.

This one talks about one man's view of the best way to create a business plan. He offers a very good flowchart to go along with it:

This one talks about various different ways to monetize your site, a good read:

Monday, August 14, 2006


9/11 Detainee released after 5 years of not being charged with any crime

The fact that this can happen in this country is simply horrible. People will say things such as "but at least we didn't kill him, he still alive". That really doesn't matter here, a civilized country should not be able to hold someone for 5 years like this without even being charged a crime. Fight terrorism, but keep your hands of our civil liberties!

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Calvin's dad explains scientific phenomena

"Any die-hard fan of Calvin & Hobbes remembers the explanations that his dad (a patent attorney in the comic strip) would offer to Calvin's technical questions. Here are a few of the most memorable."

I Love Calvin and Hobbes:

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Saturday, August 12, 2006


2 out of 5 Americans believe Muslims should carry special I.D.

It is very scary when people get afraid of things they don't understand. The fact that nearly 40% of Americans view Muslins as inherently dangerous is not a good sign, don't let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

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Friday, August 11, 2006


Not the Worst President Ever, But a Definite Contender

Good excerpt from this article:

"But Bush can compete with each one of these lesser lights of the presidency. Instead of using all the U.S. government’s national security resources to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, the perpetrator of the 9/11 attacks, Bush invaded an unrelated country, has become bogged down in a quagmire and civil war and has unintentionally provided a training ground for and fuelled the hatred of a jihadist terrorist movement that will probably attack U.S. targets for decades.

If he had been president at the beginning of the Second World War, Bush would have responded to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the Nazi declaration of war on the United States by invading Romania. But, surprisingly, this Iraq fiasco is not the most dangerous thing the president has done.

He has used the never-ending war on terror to claim unlimited power for the president during wartime. For example, he has flouted the Constitution by detaining prisoners without trial, spied on Americans without the constitutionally required warrants and blatantly said he will follow a congressionally passed law against torture when he feels like it.

None of the other post-war presidents has claimed unlimited power during wartime or crises. This is a truly dangerous claim, especially when the war is perpetual.

The individual liberties guaranteed to citizens—unique to the American system—could be threatened by even greater future executive authoritarianism.

In the Constitution, in reaction to the despotic monarchs of Europe, the founders narrowly restricted the executive’s power. Bush’s arrogant power grab, which attempts to eviscerate the checks and balances that are at the heart of the U.S. Constitution, probably makes him the most dangerous—and therefore the worst—president in the post-Second World War era"

A lot of interesteing discussion going on in the comments section of the Digg post as well. Here is a good example by Digg user "Kmedlin":

"Keep in mind that this was not a traditionally elected President. This White House was determined by the Supreme Court and electoral law rather than the voting sentiment of the nation in 2000.

In 2004 he won, but never has a sitting American president (other than LBJ) been voted out during a war that was initiated by that administration.

So in terms of the presidency being a reflection of the people I hardly think that's a fair assessment. The presidency is a reflection of the voting trends of people not of the people themselves.

It's hardly time to call Bush the worst ever. While he may be making a great case for it with all his effort he still has another year and a half in office to seal the deal.

People seem to focus on the war rather than the things that truly impact the country's security and long term sustainability...

1 - Spending without taxing and running up the debt at a record pace.
2 - Creating sweeping educational reform and then underfunding it by tens of billions of dollars (55 billion I believe).
3 - Breaking the Geneva Convention which puts our troops in greater risk abroad as they defend our country's interests.
4 - Turning a blind eye to unethical corporate behavior.
5 - Poor response to national emergencies notably Katrina.
6 - Polarizing international politics with a "with us or against us" diplomatic stance.
7 - Virtual no domestic social reform policies that have a long term agenda or sustainability plan - immigration reform particularly.
8 - Opposition to scientific research and progress to ensure US leadership in the fields of medical, computer, and physical sciences by regularly opposing bills with the Stem Cell Research one being only the latest.
9 - Actively supporting widespread infringement of civil liberties under the guise of terror investigations.
10 - An unhealthy obsession with state dinners while traveling abroad. (That's just for laughs actually...that's gotta be an awesome perk to being the President!)

Trying to rid the world of evil influences and extremism is a noble cause. I don't think anyone will fault him for wanting that. His methods seemed uninformed which is where I think he'll be judged harshest.

Who knows...maybe his policies will all come to fruition in the next 18 months and we'll laugh that we even brought this topic up. That seems unlikely, but it's always a possibility."

History will inevitably judge this administration, but one thing is for sure anyone who lived through this area must truly realize that George W. Bush has been by far one of the most polarizing figures of our time.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Time for a Party of the Moderates

A friend of mine and I occasionally get into political conversations about whatever the current issues are at the time. He calls himself a moderate but leans a little bit towards the conservative side, I call myself a moderate but I lean a little toward the liberal side. So our conversations usually end up with him arguing a conservative viewpoint while I argue a liberal viewpoint. Neither of us is very far from the center really but that is just how the conversations tend to play out. In the end we are both moderates. This is not an uncommon thing in America.

The majority of Americans identify themselves as somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between left and right. A small minority of the people in U.S identify themselves as far left wing or far right wing. The problem we have in this country is that this small minority also happen to be the loudest people in the country.

Over the past 6 years or so the Republican party has moved further to the right while the Democratic party has moved further to the left, mostly this is caused by special interest groups and lobbyists and really has no bearing on how the majority of Americans see their politics.

The religious conservative right has put much more pressure on the Republican party in recent elections, republican candidates have had to pander to this crowd in order to secure these religious groups financial backing. This has moved the Republican Party farther to the extremes of conservatives, away from where most Americans identify themselves.

By consequence, and through their own special interest groups, the Democrats have moved farther toward the extremes of liberalism in order to differentiate themselves from the Republican Party. Once again, as the Democrats move farther to the left, they move farther away from the politics of the majority of Americans.

So what we have ended up with is the parties moving farther away from each other while the majority of Americans are left in the middle. The people representing this government are representing the two extremes, the minority of the population, and not what America truly wants. Clearly this is not a good situation. You may say to yourself “but individual congress representatives can always vote against party lines.” This is true, however this is happening less and less because if a representative truly wants to get the money and backing of his or her party behind him he is forced to pander to the interest groups and lobbyists of his or her party.

It is time for a party to be formed that actually represents the majority of America’s interests. The majority of us (sensible) people can see both sides of an issue and we align ourselves more as centrists and not radicals or reactionaries. Moderate politicians such as Joseph Lieberman and John McCain need to break off to form their own party. Obviously the biggest problem will be these politicians will be afraid they will not be able to get any real funding if they stay from their traditional parties but I truly believe America does not want to align itself with the extreme nut jobs on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but instead wants a government that IS actually able to represent US, the majority.

Do I honestly think this will happen soon as it is needed? Probably not, I think most politicians are too scared to take a true stand and form the party that America truly needs to reunite the country. I do know that I for one however would be very enthusiastic to support such a party, one that I actually believed worked for the majority and not AGAINST it.

This is a call to those who see this vision! Band together centrist democrats and republicans, show your out cry and support for the need of such a party! The party of the Moderates!

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


D.C., the 51st Police State

"This emergency legislation, passed on July 20, makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 17 to be out past 10 P.M., D.C. resident or not. The law also requires the installation of surveillance cameras in undisclosed residential neighborhoods and grants police instant access to previously-confidential files on juveniles".

Anything, anywhere in this country that moves us closer to 1984 and takes away civil liberties is not good. Period.

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The Patriot Act is 100's of pages.Voted on 5 minutes after presented!!

The fact that the Patriot Act, a document that was well over 100 pages long could be passed in 5 minutes, with many congress members admitting they just don't "read bills" shows why this is needed so bad. I know that personally I like my representatives to actually read the bills (or at least have an aid read them!) not just vote on them. Right now the congress could be replaced by 436 monkeys, and the results would probably be pretty similar considering the way it is working currently.

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Monday, August 07, 2006


New Website for Programmers and Designers to Find Each Other

"A new website has launched for programmers, designers, web entrepreneurs and content writers to find each other and work together to create websites and web applications."

This a really interesting idea for a website here, I think it should work very well. I know I have personally seen countless numbers of times where people have a good idea, or good programming or desiging skills, but are never able to find the other people needed to work with. I believe that some very interesting products may spawn from relationships formed on this site if it works.

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Capitalist Manifesto

As globalization becomes more and more prevalent in our everyday and business lives it is an interesting thing to realize, but something many of us do NOT realize is that the rest of the world is not capitalist. As Americans we are all raised (whether through our parents or through society) with capitalist ideals and the idea of the "American" work ethic. However when looking at articles such as this, it really brings the views to bear about how different other countries handle the economy. Where entrepreneurs are seen as "villains" and "evil", it is simply a very strange point of view to take or understand growing up as we have. This does not mean every view outside of what we know is wrong (in fact it tends to lean the other way) however it does bring things into perspective about how difficult other cultures and countries can be to understand.

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Super Battery: Recharges in Seconds, Lasts Forever

"As our portable devices get more high-tech, the batteries that power them can seem to lag behind. But Joel Schindall and his team at M.I.T. plan to make long charge times and expensive replacements a thing of the past--by improving on technology from the past."

Battery technology has been one thing that lagged far behind the rest of the technology reveloution that has gone on over recent years. This is long overdue that we have some serious breakthroughs with battery technology.

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Five Stages of Drunkenness
I don't think I have quite experirenced all five stages... yet at least. Hopefully I will be able to in the near future.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Civil liberties ebb in favor of security in a post-Sept. 11 U.S.

"Hundreds of men across the country are singled out because of their religion or ethnicity, rounded up by law enforcement and held secretly by the government in detention facilities. The government refuses to divulge their names. The government says the men came from countries with ties to terrorism."

OPINION WARNING:Starting to see this over and over it seems. I have arguments with one of my friends about stuff like this all the time, I am all for hunting and killing down terrorists (really who isn't? who is going to say "Oh I want to stop hunting terrorists and just give them a magical unicorn!"), however at the point that it invades on our civil liberties it is not worth it. The quote has been thrown around there a lot but Benjamin Franklin once said "those who who would give away civil liberties in order to attain security deserve neither" (quote may not be entirely word for word). This still applies today, as it always will, lets do what we need to do, but do it with due proccess please.

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