Sunday, August 06, 2006


Civil liberties ebb in favor of security in a post-Sept. 11 U.S.

"Hundreds of men across the country are singled out because of their religion or ethnicity, rounded up by law enforcement and held secretly by the government in detention facilities. The government refuses to divulge their names. The government says the men came from countries with ties to terrorism."

OPINION WARNING:Starting to see this over and over it seems. I have arguments with one of my friends about stuff like this all the time, I am all for hunting and killing down terrorists (really who isn't? who is going to say "Oh I want to stop hunting terrorists and just give them a magical unicorn!"), however at the point that it invades on our civil liberties it is not worth it. The quote has been thrown around there a lot but Benjamin Franklin once said "those who who would give away civil liberties in order to attain security deserve neither" (quote may not be entirely word for word). This still applies today, as it always will, lets do what we need to do, but do it with due proccess please.

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