Sunday, August 20, 2006


Man's first hand account of being labeled a "terrorist"

User "hopeseekr" posts the following story on reddit in the comments section of this story:

"Honest to god: My friend stole my car while I was on vacation (she had keys to my apartment and I had left my spare set in there). I come back a week later and am promptly arrested. What for? They won't say. I go, "O boy, am I going to sue you big!" So I play it cool. I spend 4 days in a "processing" cell, 15x15 foot with 40 - 60 other guys at various times (we were all in there for four days, rotating in and out).

3 1/2 weeks later I am mysteriously transferred to another state. Still no idea why I'm being charged, but my parents got visitation rights in this state. My lawyer could not figure out what the charges were. No one was telling what I was charged with.

That day, I am shepperded into the janitor closet beside the interrogation room. There I am plunged into pitch blackness for what seemed like 2 hours (time si relative, you know?). These two guys come in...just enough room for my folded chair and these guys standing up. They shine a bright light in my face. First question out of the one guy's mouth: "Where did you put the body?" Huh? What body? Who's body?! It was then that my parents discovered that my car had been stolen by my friend. Just because her finger prints were all over my house, they were secretly accusing me of murder.

So, I incredulously asked these guys if I could please speak to my attorney, that I would not answer any questions until I did so. One of them punched me in the face. The other said, "Listen, you have no rights. You are detained under the jurisdiction of the PATRIOT Act."


"That's right. That neighborhood was terrorized by that woman's disappearance. It's all we need."

The next day, the woman showed up ... in my car ... in yet another state on the opposite side of the country; she was promptly arrested. My parents approached the governor of that state with all this two days later and I was released the following day. Of course, the government fined me ... the crazy thing was, it was to the exact dollar that I had in the bank, several figures. O, and I had to sign away my right to sue virtually any branch of government imaginable.

When you're labeled a terrorist, it doens't matter if you are innocent or guilty, or even if you have committed any crime at all. It is impossible to prove your innocence because you have not been charged with any thing! And because you have not been charged, you have no rights to attorney, etc; they just let you have them if they feel like it. Any one can be labeled a terrorist; all it takes is an over-zealous cop with a friend in a district court. You really should be afraid."

I don't know how anyone can be a supporter of the governments right to detain anyone (much less American citizens!) for as long as they want WITHOUT A CHARGE. Our rights are eroding by the day.

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