Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Time for a Party of the Moderates

A friend of mine and I occasionally get into political conversations about whatever the current issues are at the time. He calls himself a moderate but leans a little bit towards the conservative side, I call myself a moderate but I lean a little toward the liberal side. So our conversations usually end up with him arguing a conservative viewpoint while I argue a liberal viewpoint. Neither of us is very far from the center really but that is just how the conversations tend to play out. In the end we are both moderates. This is not an uncommon thing in America.

The majority of Americans identify themselves as somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between left and right. A small minority of the people in U.S identify themselves as far left wing or far right wing. The problem we have in this country is that this small minority also happen to be the loudest people in the country.

Over the past 6 years or so the Republican party has moved further to the right while the Democratic party has moved further to the left, mostly this is caused by special interest groups and lobbyists and really has no bearing on how the majority of Americans see their politics.

The religious conservative right has put much more pressure on the Republican party in recent elections, republican candidates have had to pander to this crowd in order to secure these religious groups financial backing. This has moved the Republican Party farther to the extremes of conservatives, away from where most Americans identify themselves.

By consequence, and through their own special interest groups, the Democrats have moved farther toward the extremes of liberalism in order to differentiate themselves from the Republican Party. Once again, as the Democrats move farther to the left, they move farther away from the politics of the majority of Americans.

So what we have ended up with is the parties moving farther away from each other while the majority of Americans are left in the middle. The people representing this government are representing the two extremes, the minority of the population, and not what America truly wants. Clearly this is not a good situation. You may say to yourself “but individual congress representatives can always vote against party lines.” This is true, however this is happening less and less because if a representative truly wants to get the money and backing of his or her party behind him he is forced to pander to the interest groups and lobbyists of his or her party.

It is time for a party to be formed that actually represents the majority of America’s interests. The majority of us (sensible) people can see both sides of an issue and we align ourselves more as centrists and not radicals or reactionaries. Moderate politicians such as Joseph Lieberman and John McCain need to break off to form their own party. Obviously the biggest problem will be these politicians will be afraid they will not be able to get any real funding if they stay from their traditional parties but I truly believe America does not want to align itself with the extreme nut jobs on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but instead wants a government that IS actually able to represent US, the majority.

Do I honestly think this will happen soon as it is needed? Probably not, I think most politicians are too scared to take a true stand and form the party that America truly needs to reunite the country. I do know that I for one however would be very enthusiastic to support such a party, one that I actually believed worked for the majority and not AGAINST it.

This is a call to those who see this vision! Band together centrist democrats and republicans, show your out cry and support for the need of such a party! The party of the Moderates!

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